How it works

ACE is the secure platform that upholds structural imperatives in a custom-designed financial market setting

ACE’s business is supported by robust infrastructure and technology

Key features and Services

ACE portal: A modern and responsive portal supporting issuers, arrangers, investors and administrators

Points registry: Validates and tracks points used as collateral or in Reserve Points transactions

Index Engine: Continuously updates the Point Price Indices (PPI) tracking the value of Point-Backed Instruments

Dynamic Collateral Management tool: Provides ongoing mark-to-market services and tracking for Point-Backed Securities collateral

Custom implementation of Hyperledger Fabric: An enterprise grade, private distributed ledger platform with privacy support

Marketplace participants

Affinity Capital Exchange (ACE) serves institutional members that fall into three categories: sponsors/owners of point based loyalty programs, their operating partners, and financial participants (including banks and institutional investors).

Importantly, ACE does not serve retail investors or the general public.