Revolutionizing the loyalty economy by providing financial technology, capital market infrastructure, and a brand new asset class, all centered around the value of loyalty points

Creating a venue for enhanced liquidity, new capital inflow, and risk management, available to banks, airlines, hotels, and all loyalty participants globally


We aim to revolutionize the loyalty economy by bringing the benefits of financial markets to the loyalty industry in a way that respects the unique needs of the industry. Through financial and technological innovation that is supported by tried-and-tested market infrastructure and technology, we will unlock billions of dollars of value that is currently untapped. We aim to grow the pie for all participants -- loyalty program operators, their partners, banks, and investors alike.


We are building the world’s first venue to enable the issuance and trading of Reserve Points -- a new form of loyalty points -- as well as financial instruments backed by loyalty point portfolios. We are creating a new asset class underpinned by loyalty points and introducing market mechanisms into the loyalty ecosystem, expanding the pie for all participants while respecting existing relationships and confidentiality imperatives. Our technology and platform will provide new liquidity and hedging solutions to members via instruments backed by loyalty points.


Currently there is no capital markets infrastructure that fully unlocks the power of loyalty currencies and brings new financial participants into the loyalty ecosystem. ACE is building the first platform to do just that -- giving institutional investors new access to the loyalty economy, and allowing institutional loyalty players the chance to unlock value and optimize loyalty program economics. Our core team and advisors have extensive relevant experience in loyalty, finance, capital markets, and securitization of assets. ACE has entered into a strategic partnership with NASDAQ, a global leader in exchange technology and operations, to power its trading platform and related services. ACE has also entered into a strategic agreement with JP Morgan to jointly enhance the value of loyalty programs.