Affinity Capital Exchange (ACE), formally signed 5-year partnership agreement with NASDAQ


NEW YORK, Dec 2, 2016 -- Affinity Capital Exchange (ACE) and the NASDAQ OMX Group (Nasdaq:NDAQ) have signed a 5-year technology partnership agreement under which ACE will integrate and operate NASDAQ OMX's world-class market technologies for trading and clearing of a new asset class called Points-Backed Securities™. This strategic partnership is designed for value creation that would benefit customers of both exchanges:

  • Powerful, credible core: ACE custom-built version of Nasdaq X-Stream™ Trading
  • Money center integration, investor community access: sources of fresh liquidity
  • Access to Nasdaq’s global network of resources during launch
  • Optimized economics balance cost and risk over time
  • Leverage Nasdaq’s leadership in private blockchain development

Affinity Capital Exchange has built a customized trading platform utilizing Nasdaq OMX’s leading X-Stream™ platform which is a high performance, robust and scalable, multi-asset, multi-market and one of the fastest matching systems is the world. The ACE platform will allow trading of Points-Backed Securities™, a new loyalty currency based asset class with custom trading rules, flexible loyalty-backed securities design, set of proprietary client applications by industry vertical, Loyalty Management System cross-over and comprehensive market data. The exchange will allow for initial offerings, as well as a secondary market for trading the securities.

Affinity Capital Exchange is also working with Nasdaq to develop a blockchain application, likely in 2018, that would reduce transaction costs and improve the post-trade process.


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About Affinity Capital Exchange

Affinity Capital Exchange Inc. (ACE) is the world’s first structured market for institutional buyers and sellers of loyalty-currency linked securities called Points-Backed Securities™ (PBSTM) by institutional members of the exchange (partner banks, financial institutions, program partners, operating partners, etc.). By monetizing loyalty currency into a new class of financial instruments, the ACE exchange provides a new source of capital for banks and loyalty point issuers (airlines, hotels, retail, etc.) – and a new investment vehicle for capital market investors. ACE brings cutting-edge financial innovation to the Loyalty industry with a new asset class, attractive liquidity, risk management opportunities, improving point yield, and exposure to the loyalty sector and growth parameters for a global investor community. For further information, please visit Affinity Capital Exchange at, and follow us on LinkedIn.